Upcoming shows:

The Vic
Sat Feb 28th
w/ Cold Irons Bound
free entry, 8pm

Station 59
Sunday March 8th
w/ Matt Malone, Panman, Dean Richards,
Dead Eyed Seraphim
free entry, 2pm

The Drunken Poet
Sat March 14th
w/ the Originals
free entry, 8.30pm

Station 59
Sunday March 15th
w/ Matt Gleeson, Dean Richards, Goldentone
free entry, 2pm

Jan: bunch of shots of Michael Plater and the Exit Keys, Mark Steiner & His
Problems, the D-Grades, and Andrew McCubbin from Wed Jan 7th show at the
Public Bar, up now on the Dwarf

Dec: Video clip for "the Officer's Mess" up now on Youtube: link

Solo music page up on facebook

November: New solo single "The Officer's Mess" now available at Bandcamp. It's a
"pay what you want" deal. Purchase link:
click here

Amazon purchase link for "The Officer's Mess" - link

Sept: A live video of Michael Plater and the Exit Keys playing I'll Wear That Crown,
filmed at the Vic Hotel by Barry Douglas, up now on Youtube:

I'll be appearing on Made in the Shade on 3nrg, Sunbury, on Friday September 19th
round 7pm, playing a few songs and having a chat. Here's a link to their webpage:

Aug: a live version of "A Curse On This Town" recorded at Babushka, Ballarat,
March 1st 2014, available as a free download at Soundcloud:

Michael Plater and the Exit Keys' "The Cause and the Design" available as a
free/pay-what-you-want download at

July: new solo single A Matter of Degrees/Smoke out now at Bandcamp,
streaming and purchase link:
click here

Recorded at Headgap by Neil Thomason, June 2014
mastered by Adam Dempsey at Deluxe Mastering.

Jan 2014: Many thanks to Paul Pont Davis at Three D Radio 93.7fm Adelaide for
including "Rings of Smoke" from my solo album "Exit Keys" in his Australian songs
of the year playlist. Full

Nov: I'll be appearing on Music Matters on 3CR on Friday Nov 22nd around
midday, doing an interview and performing a few songs. Here's the web feed link:


Michael Plater and the Exit Keys track "Backwards Down the Hill" (live on
Burning Vinyl 3CR) now available as a free download at Bandcamp as part of the
"What Colour Is Sound?" compilation:


Live clip of Michael Plater and the Exit Keys' "Rings of Smoke" up now on

The Exit Keys will be appearing on Matt Gleeson's Burning Vinyl on 3CR Radio on
friday Sept 27th, doing a live-in-the-studio session and interview. Here's a link to
the webpage:
Burning Vinyl

"Exit Keys" now available at Thornbury Records: link

July: Thanks to Paul Pont Davies from Three D radio in Adelaide for giving a couple
of my songs a spin on his show. Here's the blog link:

"Exit Keys" now available at Big Star Records in Adelaide: facebook page

June: A couple of radio interviews: I'll be appearing on Matt Malone's show on
99.9FM in Ballarat on Tuesday June 18th. The stream for the show is at:

Then on Wednesday the 19th I'll be appearing on "Get Cereal" on Syn FM in
Melbourne at 8.30am.

April: Currently top ten in Reverb Nation's alternative charts for Melbourne:

March: "Exit Keys" now available at Red Eye Records in Sydney: link


Michael Plater and the Exit Keys recording of "Traces" available as a free download
at bandcamp:

Jan 2013:

Lovely 5/5 review of "Exit Keys" in Vents Magazine from the Dominican Republic:

Interview with British website Leicester Bangs: link

Dec: "Exit Keys" now available at:
CD baby: link
Amazon: link

"Exit Keys" now available at the following stores:

Thornbury Records, 591 High St  Thornbury
Red Eye Records, 143 York St, Sydney
Pure Pop Records, 221 Barky St, St Kilda
Rocking Horse Records, 245 Albert St, Brisbane

Oct: Added Michael Plater and the Exit Keys facebook site:

Sept: Review of "Exit Keys" at Leicester Bangs website: link

Aug 2012: "Exit Keys" available for digital download at Bandcamp: $10 for the
album, $1 per track:
purchase link

New album "Exit Keys" out now.

All tracks recorded by Brooke Penrose at Captain B studio, 2011-2012.

Mastered by Adam Dempsey at Jack the Bear's Deluxe Mastering


1. Traces
2. Rings of Smoke
3. A Curse On This Town
4. Ghosts
5. My Final Cause
6. Our Dancing Daughters
7. One Last Drop of Poison
8. The Vulgar Tongue
9. Exit Keys
10. This Leaving Time

July: Rings of Smoke/My Final Cause now available at Thornbury Records:

Local radio presenter and mastering genius Adam Dempsey will be playing a few
tracks from my forthcoming album "Exit Keys"on his Roarhouse Radio show on
Northwest FM (alternate wednesdays 4-6pm) over the next few weeks. Tune in!

May: "Our Dancing Daughters," a track from forthcoming album "Exit Keys," now
available as a free download at bandcamp:

April: Added soundcloud site: link

Feb 2012: New double a-side single Rings of Smoke/My Final Cause
out now.

Bandcamp purchase link:
click here

Both tracks are taken from forthcoming album "Exit Keys."

Produced by Brooke Penrose at Captain B Studio
Mastered by Adam Dempsey at Deluxe Mastering
Cover artwork by Leigh Chalker

Added an artist page at Last.fm. Just click on the particular album to bring up
available tracks.  Address: